Onion Days Roles

Per our meeting tonight, here are the roles of everyone for this weekend’s Onion Days parade. Remember — we’re meeting at our booth by the pond/playground Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. We plan on having our booth up and running Saturday 9a-5p and Monday 11a-5p.

If you weren’t at the meeting and want to help, just show up! Be ready to share/defend your faith and love on people!


Lee – Write out a couple of paragraphs for the literature that can be handed out. Write out the information (content/dimensions) for the new banner with a general description of how it should look. Grab the zip-ties.

Diana – Work with Maddie to find a tablecloth. Work with Ellie to create decor.

Jeremy – Finalize surveys. Finish handouts and get them finished when information is received from Lee. Finalize music playlist. Have equipment for filming surveys.

Melissa – Design banner when you receive the information from Lee.

Phil – Get coolers.

Scott – Bring grill and make us delicious food. Ice, also.

Angela L – Bring stereo and aux cable.

Ellie – Decor with Diana. Flowers.

Rex – Tracts.

Kelly – Crosses and writing utensils.

Garcias – Help set up.