Details about the fasting retreat

If you’re a man who has committed to coming to the fasting retreat at Jerry’s cabin (or if you’re considering it), you’re probably wondering what you should expect.

The real answer is that we’re all going to figure it out together.

Here are some general things to expect:

  • Lots of prayer
  • Lots of Scripture
  • Lots of sharing
  • Lots of silence
  • Lots of growth

We’re going to look at the books of 1 & 2 Timothy together, discovering what God would have the men of our church to do in our personal lives, our homes, our church, and our community.

6 Areas of Focus for Our Prayer During the Fasting Retreat

  • Recognition of sin
  • Admission of our insufficiency
  • Breaking down barriers in our ministry
  • Asking God for answers
  • Thanksgiving
  • Families at PBC