New Fellowship Dinner Groups

Below you’ll find the new fellowship dinner groups — just names, not details. For phone numbers and e-mail addresses, you’ll have to consult your directory (available to you in print or online). The lists are also available at the church on the literature table and phone numbers are included on that list. These groups have the months of November and December to meet and a new list will be put out in January!

If you are a host family, you can organize the meal however you want. You can do a traditional potluck or cook the main dish and allow people to bring sides — it’s whatever works for the group! You’ll need to communicate a few things to the people in your group:

  • Will you be able to accomodate children? If so, is it restricted to specific ages?
  • What’s the simplest way to get to your home?
  • What day/time is mutually acceptable for everyone in the group (this requires asking everyone)?

If you are a guest, be sure to be open to whatever the host family asks. If you can’t make it to the dinner this time around, it’s ok! There will be more! Our plan is to re-arrange the groups every 8 weeks so there will be a new dinner invitation for you once every two months.



-Dylan and Hannah Dixon

-Dennis and Misty Webber

-Brock and Rose Halladay

-Jason and Ana Pittman

-Rachel Ramirez

-Ed and Carrie Prewitt



-Wayne and Mary Grace Bussian

-Jon and Alicia Atwater

-Shawn and Amy Reynolds

-Carol Floyd



-Jeremy and Melissa Howard

-Polo and Josie Garcia

-Devin and Jodie Johnson

-Becky Woodward

-Mike Dempsey



-Dennis and Leslie Ray

-Jerry and Irma Bowman

-Tom and Laura Brighton

-Steve George



-Mark and Teri Terpenning

-Phil and Angela Holcer

-Marcus and Amy Morrell

-Travis Lloyd