The weekend ahead

This weekend there will be a couple of events happening at the church that you should know of.

Tomorrow, there’s a men’s breakfast at 8 A.M. It would be awesome if you’d join the guys there for food and fellowship. It’s how we grow closer.

On Sunday, I (Jeremy) will have my laptop at the church and will be available to walk you through our online giving program. This is for those who wish to give to our church with a card in a safe, secure fashion. You can also set up automatic recurring donations. I will show you all of that if you’re interested.

Last night, a new video went live on our website. Its purpose is to help advise those who are leaving “the church” and are sniffing around to see what we might have to offer in the religious realm. You can watch that video here and you are encouraged to share it on Facebook, through e-mail, or however you see fit.

In addition to all of that, Sunday’s message is also available on the website here.

Hope you’ve had a great week and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!