New Sunday School class starting Feb 1

Starting this Sunday (Feb. 1), there will be two adult Sunday School classes available at Payson Bible Church. If you’re unsure which class would be a better fit for you, check out the descriptions of each class below. Also, this first Sunday will just be an introduction to both classes, so if you realize that you’re in the “wrong” class, you can switch over the following week. Feel free to consult any member of the leadership team for more information.

ELEMENTS class (in the big room/dining hall)
The Elements class will focus on the foundations of the Christian faith, or, the “elements.” Here you’ll learn about the essential beliefs that make up a biblical worldview. This class is for you if:

  • You’re unsure how to describe the gospel
  • You feel like you need to better understand “the basics”
  • You can’t name all of the books of the Bible

FUSION class (in the auditorium)
The Fusion class will focus on digging deeper into the Christian worldview, while placing a heavy emphasis on how our beliefs affect our lives. It’s the “fusion” of doctrine and action. The goal is to think and live biblically. This class is for you if:

  • You’re ready to be challenged in your walk with Christ
  • You desire to learn more about (and more beyond) the basic truths of Scripture
  • You’re interested in teaching or leading other Christians


Also, just as a reminder to the men, read through Acts 7 before Tuesday night. Phil will be leading us in a study of that text.