Front & Center

You may have noticed that things felt a little crowded Sunday morning. That’s a good thing! We had about 90 folks show up for our 10 a.m. service.

Don't be like these people!

Don’t be like these people!

What we need you to do now, though, is to think about finding a new place to sit. The whole idea is to be efficient while serving others. Efficient because our sanctuary can hold about 60 more people. Serving others because that’s what Jesus did.

The ideal place for our regular attenders to sit is toward the pulpit (don’t be scared) and in the middle of a row. We want to leave the back sections and row ends for our guests.

Think about the last time you had the “pleasure” of scooting through a row of people at a ballgame, movie theater, or on an airplane. We don’t want our visitors to add Payson Bible Church to that list!

This is just one small step in how we can put the needs of others ahead of our own. Be sure to greet new faces, ask them questions, answer their questions, and ask them if they’d like something to drink.

Have a godly week and we’ll see you Sunday!