Save the Dates

Calendar2There are several events coming up in the days ahead. It’s helpful to look forward to those dates so that we can all be involved. Here’s what’s on the docket:

  • August 16:¬†Baptisms. There are several people in the church who are ready to get baptized. We’ll head up to some water after the church service on this day to hold a baptism ceremony. If you’re ready to be baptized, talk to Pastor Lee.
  • August 21-22: Men’s fasting retreat. The guys in the church will fast and pray for a few days leading up to the night of Friday, August 21. We’ll stay in Jerry’s cabin again and study a lot of Scripture.
  • September 4-7:¬†Onion Days. We’ll be doing something a little different this year to reach our community during this time. Make sure to talk to Phil about how you can help out.
  • September 13: Vision Sunday. This is one of two Sundays per year that we slow down and look at the big picture of where we’re going as a church. It’s a great time to ask questions and learn more.
  • October 2-3: Man Conference. This is our first time ever holding a men’s conference. We hope to make it a big deal. Get all the details you need right here.