Serve Saturday 11/7

Remember that this Saturday we will be meeting at the church to work on a few projects. Starting at 8:30 we will eat breakfast then we will start in on various things that need done. Here are the items on the list:

  • Sound panels hung in various rooms
  • Asphalt tar poured into cracks in the parking lot
  • Mulch spread in the bark beds around the building
  • Touch-up painting in multiple spots in the building
  • Shortening up the remaining window blinds
  • Fixing the ball bearings in the tall chairs in the fireplace room
  • Painting a red stripe on the outside step between the kitchen and the grill
  • Re-finishing a couple of spots on the lobby floor

We grow closer by serving shoulder-to-shoulder. It would be great to get these things done before winter!

See you there!